Flu Shots and Vaccines

Getting a flu shot or other immunization is as easy as going to your JM Pharmacy.

Vaccines may not be suitable for everyone and do not protect all individuals against development of disease. Some vaccines may require a prescription. Vaccines may not be available in all locations. Age restrictions may apply. Check with our pharmacist for further information.

We offer all publicly funded vaccines and also provide injection services.Some fees may be applied. Please contact us to find out more.

Blister Packaging

Do you find it hard to remember if you have taken your medication? Medication dosages can be confusing, especially if you are taking several medications, although, sometimes even one medication can be tricky to remember, especially if you have to take it multiple times a day.

Blister packaging makes it more easy to take chronic medications on time without mistakes. We can package it either in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly packages based on your need. It helps you to increase adherence, reduce errors which leads to make your life more easy. Contact us for further details

Blood Pressure Checks

JM Pharmacy offers assessments for clients with high blood pressure (hypertension), including:

  •   Recommends to doctors about treating options about high blood pressure and how to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
  •   The referring doctor and client will receive a full report of the clinic visit
  •   Education for clients about the causes of high blood pressure and advice about lifestyle changes that can help lower blood pressure and reduce cardiovascular risk

Blood Sugar Checks

JM Pharmacy offers training for using blood glucose monitors and insulin pens. Our trained pharmacist is also available to answer questions on monitors, medication, insulin and lifestyle.

JM Pharmacy provides a one stop solution for your diabetic supply needs including:

  •   Blood glucose test strips
  •   Blood glucose monitor
  •   Lancet devices and lancets
  •   Insulin & Syringes/Needles
  •   Sharp containers for safe disposal

Compounding Services

JM Pharmacy does simple compounds based on customer’s need. Some conditions and restrictions may apply. Please contact us for further details.

Refill Reminder and Auto Refills

Refilling your prescription is easy and just a call away.

We know life gets busy, that’s why we try to make refilling your prescriptions as easy as possible. Choose between our phone and in-store refill programs. Plus set up AUTOREFILL to get your recurring prescription filled automatically days before you’re scheduled to run out. Please contact us for further details.